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We at Pershyra furnish your pet with all the love and warmth they crave for. We have the best quality supplements and everything your pet needs! We know how precious your pets are to you and you will always want them to be healthy and active. Pershyra Pets Care delivers remarkable pet supplements at reasonable prices for your companions with little paws. Customers’ satisfaction is our priority

“We promise To Offer Your Pet An Active And Healthy Life”

Our Products

We are working for your satisfaction and that’s why we are providing different kinds of supplements and food meals for your pet. The breed, age, size of your pet doesn’t matter for us! Get your pet a satisfying supplement.

Big Hearts For Little Paws

Super Foods Inclusions

We have products for your pet with super high protein and super healthy vitamins. So, We call it Super Food!

We make pet supplements and dry food with the purpose of maintaining world-class quality. Pershyra provides nutritious and delicious dry pet food with rich vitamins and healthy ingredients.

Vitamins C & E

Vitamin C and vitamin E are essential antioxidants that your pet requires to fight oxidative damage. It increases cell function and metabolism. Get it now!

Omega 3

Do you know? We humans can produce omega fatty acids but our pets can’t! They must get it from their diet. We provide our products with Omega Fatty Acids which is beneficial for your pet in many ways.

Antifungal & Antimicrobial Shampoo

It is specially formulated to aid in the treatment of infections, scaling, and oily coats and contains natural moisturizing ingredients to keep skin and coat hydrated.

Ethyl Ester

We deliver high-quality supplement derived from fish oil that may help prevent medical problems caused by clogged blood vessels such as heart attacks and stroke. These supplements provide quality-rich amino acids and minerals to your pet and furnish them with healthy lives.

Krillex Soft Chews

These collagen and elastin infused chews helps reduce and prevent joint inflammation to revitalize your pet and get your 4-legged companion moving again.

Clients Feedback

Shampoo is amazing. It works.”
"Great Products"
Affordably priced & terrific products
"Affordable Prices"

Why Choose Pershyra?

We are ensuring world-class quality and providing the best products. Customer satisfaction is our topmost priority and we ensure that you get what you’re paying for. Our products are popularly known for their no-filler policy and we furnish you with 100% safe and secure products for your loving pets. It’s completely our responsibility to provide you with a better experience and we are totally committed to this goal.


Cultivated High End and Sustainable Pet Supplements

Our goal is not only to advance a clean, safe and nurturing life for your pet, it is also through maintaining sustainable eating protocols and a good hygiene regimen to promote a longer time that you two have together.

Health & Well-Being

Our products offer a better healthier life for your pet. The brand exists exclusively and specifically for dogs, cats, puppies, kittens and horses. We know that caring for your pet is just as important as caring for your own health; so we developed systems that make it easier on you and convenient for your veterinarian.

Nutritional Treatments

We provide the best nutritional and topical treatments for your pet by procuring both rare and well-known foods and supplements meticulously crafted to nourish and invigorate your pet, while pleasing his or her palate.

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You love your pet and so do we! Pershyra is one of the best providers that is furnishing your pet with quality-oriented products.

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